Marcela Ferreira


I'm Marcela and I write picture books.


But before being a writer I worked in advertising, had my own business, took time out to focus on my two children and then became a digital mum. This meant learning lots about social media, and starting a campaign called SE sussed covering all the great things about living in south east London.

I had lots of fun doing it, but children’s books was always my true passion. I am lucky enough to be represented by the fabulous Catchpole Agency and now that I’ve just accepted an offer for a fourth picture book it’s time to make some changes...starting with my new website - welcome!

I will always be a big supporter of all things local though, and I'll still try and highlight the joys of South East London living when I can - family style.


So if you want to keep an eye on what is going on in the area, or if you enjoy learning about children’s books you can follow me on Twitter, Instagram