My Books


I am very lucky to have four picture books being published by Hachette, Oxford University Press and Magic Cat !! I still have to pinch myself sometimes!


The Queen Next Door

In a faraway land, a happy queen rules over the happiest of kingdoms. But when a new queen moves in next door and starts showing off her ginormous, brand-new, super-duper throne, the happy queen can't help feeling a little jealous snd decides she MUST have a throne of her own . . . no matter the cost.

Out now

TQND Activity Sheet: Colour in or have a go at designing your very own special throne. There is also a word search for older children.

Just click, download and have fun!

The Treasure

"Once, atop a cold, dark mountain, there was an old wooden chest. And in the chest, there was a treasure so special that it could make your dreams come true. Or so it was said..."

Out Sept 14

Bear Vs Dragon



When Bear met Dragon on an old rickety bridge, they don't see eye to eye. Bear thinks Dragon should stand aside and let him pass...and Dragon thinks Bear should definitely let her go first. Fur is ruffled and sparks fly, meanwhile the bridge is getting creakier and creakier....

out 2024