It’s OK to want ‘me time’

Yup. It is.


Especially during the summer holidays!!

That’s because the lack of routine has a backlash the size of Australia, creating a face-melting alternative universe in which we all must exist until school starts again. The bickering, the moaning, the whingeing, the MESS!!

So if you are feeling guilty, bad, or both — stop.


Being a parent is amazing, but it’s also hard work and relentless. And if your kids are fed, (relatively clean) and happy, then you have done well.  Pat yourself on the back — you deserve it.


If you can stomach going out after bed time (rather than just slumping on the sofa watching re-runs of Friends/How I Met Your Mother/Catastrophe or anything on Netflix) then go for it. Hire a babysitter, and head for the door. Take your partner, a friend or go at it alone.


Just get out of the house. Quickly.


Go carve a little time for yourself, or else that face-melting universe will suck you back in, and hold on to you for at least another 6 weeks. Who am I kidding? More like another 6 months. And if you are feeling so knackered that you can’t even be bothered to think of stuff to do, here are some suggestions as an extra incentive:

  • Sit down for dinner at Artusi


Basically, do whatever you need to do to recharge your batteries, stop pulling your hair out and screaming at your husband.


Good luck.

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