Family & Parenting

Family & Parenting · 25. October 2018
Spoiler alert! I am fourty five, and true to form I have been thinking a lot about some of the things I've learnt so far...

Family & Parenting · 04. November 2017
Kids in Primary school? I bet you never expected to be buying some many birthday presents! Have no is at hand.

Family & Parenting · 16. October 2017
What it feels like once you graduate from the Digital Mum's course.

Family & Parenting · 22. August 2017
Being a parent is amazing, but it’s also hard work and relentless. And if your kids are fed, (relatively clean) and happy, then you have done well. Pat yourself on the back — you deserve it.

Family & Parenting · 07. August 2017
Camping. It brings conflict into our household. It just seems a lot of work - all the time. The packing, the arguing…then the unpacking, reading numerous instructions, followed by more arguing.

Family & Parenting · 05. June 2017
I am a fan of parenting blogs. Especially the ones that are unflinching about the high and lows of being a parent. So much so that they have inspired me to have a go. I also wanted to write something that is helpful, truthful and supportive to other parents. But what exactly? Thankfully parenting is a many-layered thing, brimming with plenty of content if you happen to be looking. And I was.