Hello from S.E. Sussed

I am a fan of parenting blogs.


Especially the ones that are unflinching about the high and lows of being a parent. So much so that they have inspired me to have a go.


I also wanted to write something that is helpful, truthful and supportive to other parents. But what exactly? Thankfully parenting is a many-layered thing, brimming with plenty of content if you happen to be looking.


And I was.


So I decided to write about South East London living — in particular how to get the most out of it with two kids and a husband in tow. I knew there was stuff to do — I went to the NCT classes, rhyme-time at the library, and the obligatory baby sensory sessions after having my babies.


But once I started really looking, I realised how much more there is to do.


The last 15 years have seen parts of SE London transform from undesirable to aspirational. We are now a unique mesh of new and old, boasting tradition and diversity, rich in choice and strong in community.


In short, we are very lucky to live here, and I am just about to tell you why.


Oh, before I forget — here is the strapline:  Helping families get the most out of S.E. London living. Affordable or extravagant — we’ve got it Sussed.


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