South East London Sisters of Social

Social media is a beast. I won’t pretend otherwise.


I am trying to navigate it myself, and sometimes I can ride its waves, and other times all I can do is doggie paddle through the storm.


But not everyone is like me.


Some people are phenomenally successful and have made lucrative careers out of it. Others, I have had the pleasure to watch grow and develop. These women took risks and opened their hearts to the world.

They are honest and raw. They are supportive of each other, don’t judge, are brutally open, funny and seemingly   fearless — even though I know they are scared (because they say so) — just like everyone else.


And the best thing about them? They are local.


Some living literally a few streets down from me, which makes them feel closer, accessible, and real.

I admire them hugely.  And though they don’t know it, they have helped me through many times of low self-esteem, self-doubt and apathy. These women can pick you up when you are feeling down, and keep you smiling when you are already happy.


If you haven’t heard about them, then I recommend you find out.


This post is about celebrating them, and all the other bloggers, vloggers, writers, influencers, and followers in SE London that are working, learning, growing, teaching, failing, trying, and posting — that are keeping all those balls in the air and reminding us what can happen when you take a risk.

So, let me introduce you to South East London’s Social Media Queens.

(I am in no way attempting to pigeon hole any of these women into a type. Between them they have over 360K followers and all have deserved the right to describe themselves as they see fit. But for for the sake of this blog, I have tried my best to describe them as I see them).


The zero-filter parents: The Scummy Mummies


The no-nonsense midwife, and mother of 4: Mother of Daughters


The honest blogger: Too Much Mothering Information


The writer of lists: Clemmy Telford


The gutsy self-publisher: Surviving Motherhood_


The entrepreneur: The Yes Mum


The fashion queen: Dress like a Mum


The food writer: @GingerGourmand


The champion of all things local: @JaneCanDoSE4


The award winning blogger and #PIZZUP creator: mrshhayward


The mental heath advocate and artist: Liz Atkins


The professional photographer, kicking autism’s butt: Penny Wincer


And then there are the ones that sadly left South East London for pastures new;

Mutha.hood — who lived in East Dulwich for years before moving


NeonMarl — who used to call Brockley home


One of the many great things about these talented women is that they have opened up the path for others to follow; which is exactly what many have been doing.  So here is a list of some other gals blazing a trail in South East London’s social media scene.


For all things Catford: High 5 Catford


For Art in SE London: LewishamArtExplorers & thisiswisstoo


For Deptford Happenings: What's Up Deptford


For local places to eat: Lewisham Licks


For Dulwich life: Dulwich Daily


For all things design in SE London: g_UP_design


For Greenwich news and places to go : GreenwichDiary


Have I missed any? No doubt. So tell me about the ones you follow, or the ones you check during the week to see what kind of time they are having.


Sometimes it’s just what is needed to get us through the day.

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