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Entrepreneurs · 10. December 2019
Our Little Tribe is a children's clothing brand championing styles that are ethically made, gender neutral, designed to be handed down and with quality that lasts longer than a few months.

Entrepreneurs · 08. November 2019
Dreamcatcher is a play cafe, children's party venue, and a destination for young families looking for different children's activities.

Entrepreneurs · 05. September 2019
D.I.YNOSAUR is all about art workshops focused on Dinosaurs and all things pre-historic. Lizzie's distinctive (and all recycled) materials help inspire children and adults to create freely - without worring about asthetics. This is a young business, with a fresh approach and a great addition to the blog!

Entrepreneurs · 10. July 2019
Find out about the latest addition to South East London's creative pool - independent publishers Agnes & Aubrey!!

Entrepreneurs · 02. July 2019
Flock London is a carefully curated platform for local designers and makers to sell their products. It's only been going for a year, but it has already gained a strong following from the South East London comunity...

Entrepreneurs · 19. June 2019
After a lot of research and hard work, Amy was ready to launch her home made Soy Candles - From the Attic. The business is still in its infancy, but Amy has some great insights about running your own business.

Entrepreneurs · 03. June 2019
Dani is proof that is never too late to follow your dreams. With both kids in school, she took the plunge and started from scratch - first offering after school cooking classes for children, and now she is busy with children's parties, cookery workshops and supper clubs. With plenty more on the horizon!!

Entrepreneurs · 08. May 2019
Once her children were in school, Katie decided to follow her passion and work with clay. It was a change of career and pace, but she hasn't looked back since. Katie will be showing her work as part of the Artists' Open House (Dulwich Festival), and will have her first collaboration exhibit this summer.

Entrepreneurs · 03. April 2019
What can I tell you about Amy Lamont Fitness? That she is another impressive local entrepreneur, mother, business owner and super fit human who has inpired me to lift 4kgs twice a week for two hours? Or that we are lucky to have her in SE London? Keep reading to find out more!

Entrepreneurs · 18. March 2019
The Food Doula gives new mums a 'food hug' - designed to heal as well as indulge. The business is about supporting new parents at the early (and often difficult) stage of life with a new born. Find out how it all started, and where it's headed...

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