Meet (some of) SE London's Entrepreneurs - PART 7


I first noticed Emma at her son’s birthday party a couple of years ago.


I would have come across her before at our kids school, but I am ashamed to say that I found making friends with parents a second time around harder than I expected. Not because of them, but because of me.


I felt tired of coffee mornings, and the effort that it takes to meet new people. I was doing a new course, had less time in my hands, and everyone seemed much younger than me. If all these sound like excuses, it’s because they were. I was fighting against my own insecurities of course, but that’s for another post!


Back to Emma.


She was hosting her son’s party at a time when none of us parents knew each other very well. And there she was, welcoming us all, wearing a superhero costume (cape and tights included). She had really put herself out there for one single reason: her son. How could I not like her? But the age gap between Emma and myself is probably close to being twenty years (!!) and in my typical ageist fashion, I dismissed her as someone that couldn’t possibly have any interest in me, and so I didn’t think about it again.


Until a year later when I spotted her at a networking event — it turns out Emma runs her own business. By then, I had grown in confidence, and knew that I had a chance to approach her differently than before, so that’s what I did. I spoke to her, asked questions - and I listened.


And Emma blew me away.


She is so passionate about what she does that her enthusiasm is catchy. She is knowledgeable, very serious about her profession, and has a frightening work ethic. She is a fierce networker, a member of the second East Dulwich WI and has already introduced me to two other networking events in the area.


Oh, and she is also raising one of the sweetest kids you will ever meet. There really is no stopping her.

So, come and meet...

Emma Robyn Nails

For those who don’t know, what is ‘Emma Robyn Nails’ and how did it start?

Emma Robyn Nails is a mobile beauty service, specialising in manicures, pedicures & spray tans. I started the business as I noticed a huge gap in the market for women like myself, who wanted to have top quality treatments but just didn’t have time or had the children in tow. I work 6 days a week around the school drop offs and my sons extra-curricular activities, whilst visiting clients till 10pm most nights. I get to work flexibly and my clients can fit their treatments in at a time convenient to them in their home or office!


Who is it for?

Anybody! I have lots of different clients ranging from 18–70 and from all walks of life. Most of my clients are mums, and they really love that I just get it when it comes to kids (having my own definitely helps). I don’t rush them or make them feel uncomfortable as the whole thing is about pampering them and leaving them with a fabulous service that they’re completely happy with!


What do you love most about the business?

I’m really passionate about the education side. I trained at the creative academy London and I’m a CND (creative nail design) graduate. My education is fantastic and I’m always looking to expand my knowledge and skill. I love passing on snippets to my clients to help them make informed decisions about their nail care. From the moment they book with me they are equipped with info on how to prep for their perfect tan, the best way to care for their new manicure, and even the anatomy of the nail on the day! My clients find it fascinating and love to learn more about the process and what it’s actually going on during the treatments.


What’s next for 2018?

I’m really enjoying networking at the moment and really getting to know the back bones of East Dulwich. I’m currently working on building a platform of amazing therapists who can all work together around the area to offer the best treatments, becoming a one stop for high quality with a great reputation that our clients know they can trust.

Favourite things to do/places to go in South East London?

I love taking my son to Surrey Docks Farm, spring is in the air and they have baby lamb feeding sessions. It’s become a little tradition of ours! We’re big on the theatre, we love Bromley Little Theatre if we don’t fancy going in to town too! The productions are really good and full of local talent! The Vaults at Waterloo always have something fun on too! If I’m staying local, you’ll usually find me in The Bishop.


Since writing this post, Emma started working with The Allbright  Britain’s first women’s only private member’s club in London, which I am sure you will agree, is pretty impressive.

If you have thought about booking someone like Emma before, but was on the fence about it, then get off it!! You won’t be disappointed.

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