Writing can be quite isolating, and SE Sussed (a social media campaign I created as part of the Digital Mum's  course) was a great way to stay engaged with the world outside. My local community became a real lifeline, which is why I am still a big supporter of all things local!


Though writing for children is my focus, I still try and highlight the joys of South East London living when I can - family style. So if you want to keep an eye on what is going on in the area, or if you enjoy learning about children’s books you can follow me on Twitter or Instagram .




I am alwals happy to collaborate with brands that are family focused or local.


I have written for The London Mother, and contributed to the Resident MagazineHatch Enterprise , Ivy's Library , Kings Tutor and SE London blog.


But my kids are a little older now (13 & 11), so I am keen to shed light on some activities for older children too.

The Resident

I have also collaborated with The Resident Magazine  a number of times.


Check out my latest feature on family activities during Half Term.


SE Sussed's Top 13 Things to do in London Over Half term  - 2018


SE Sussed's Top 13 Things to do in London Over Half term  - 2017


The London Mother

The London Mother is a digital magazine for all mohers either living in London and planning a visit.  It's full of great advice and insight on places to go, things to see and food to eat.



Joining the PTA

Visiting Deptford

Coffee spots in SE London

Peckham Levels

Indie Bookshops

SE London Libraries fight back!

SE London Biz

Hatch Enterprise is one of the UK's leading community enterprise charities. I was thrilled to be a guest blogger and share some of my social media knowledge. 



How Twitter Lists help you save time and grow your business


SE London Blog

I was thilled to be approached by SE London blog to work together on its excellent #SpotlightON series.


Watch this space for more collaborations in the future.




So this happened in 2018.


I was nominated as one of 'London's Most Inspirational Instagram Mums to Follow Now' by The Resident Magazine.  Yes, it was (and still is) a huge overstatement, but it showed me how important Instagram can be as a platform.


I won't pretend I have worked out how to use the platform to its full potential yet, but I'm trying. Still, it was pretty cool to be included in a top 10.


You can read the full article here.