School Visits & Storytime

"It was really great to have Marcela in our class last week. Everything was extremally clear and well organised from her emails and we had all our resources set up in good time. Her introductory PowerPoint was very engaging and the childen particularly loved the quiz. Marcela brought the story to life with her use of props and the children responded really well to having "a real life author" in our class.

Marcela had a fantastic rapport with the children. The children were very engaged with the activities and continued designing their very thrones well into the afternoon. We all wish Marcella the best of luck with this book and her forthcoming releases. Obrigado"


Ned Symes (Year 1 class teacher, Bessemer Grange)

School visits consist of a 30 minute story telling session (Key stage 1), where I introduce myself and talk about writing in a second language - encouraging the children to tell me about their own backgrounds.

I then read The Queen Next Door (with plenty of fun props!) and chat about the message in the book - being grateful for what we have, avoiding comparisons and giving value to the things that realy matter. Afterwards, we play a 'Guess the Throne' game followed by a 'Pimp Your Throne' activity.


For Nursery, I tend to do a shorter intro, read the book and help with the craft.


I will ask you a few questions about age group, time and number of kids, a swell as expectations of course.

I am always happy to pop over to a bookstore to run a story time session, chat to little ones and sign some books. So if you own or work at a bookshop (especially SE London ones) and facy doing an event together, then lets chat!